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Jane Shaw Cunningham, Psychic Predictions

Jane Shaw Cunningham is an experienced psychic and was reviewed by the Sunday Times Magazine as one of the top five psychics in London. She has worked worldwide and gained experience from working with people from all walks of life, including some high profile clients. Jane appeared on Celebrity Big Brother, providing psychic readings for the finalists. She had other TV appearances and many radio interviews including Capital Radio, Virgin, Mercury and BBC Midlands.

Psychic Predictions

Crystal Ball, scrying, Psychic Predictions

Jane uses many methods for psychic reading and psychic predictions. One such method is 'scrying', which is more commonly known as crystal ball gazing. As with most forms of divination, scrying has its roots way back in history and crystal balls have been found in caves and ancient graves. Throughout history, psychics and clairvoyants have also used bowls of water, mirrors, the blade of a polished sword and many other reflective surfaces to facilitate readings for the future.

Psychic Reading - Graphology and Numerology

Jane Shaw Cunningham, Psychic Predictions

Just like a fingerprint, handwriting is unique to an individual. Studying the style of handwriting and the form of the script can reveal personality, character, desires, ambition, strengths and weaknesses. Numerology uses numbers to analyze personalities and predict events. Each number carries a particular vibration. For example, the vibration of your birth number determines your temperament. A numerological reading will involve the cycle of life you live.

Psychic Reading ~ Runes

Runes, Psychic Predictions

A method for psychic reading is the use of Runes. The secret letters are symbols of magic power. Runes are traditionally made from wood, painted onto clay tablets or suitable stones. Natural materials are used as they are believed to contain sacred energy. The casting and reading of runes indicate ones fears and dreams. They highlight the positive and negative influences in your life allowing you to make informed choices for the future, and an ideal tool for making psychic predictions.

Psychic Reading ~ I Ching

Jane Shaw Cunningham, Psychic Predictions

Consulting the wisdom of I Ching involves a complicated ritual involving yarrow stalks that form hexagrams. Chinese coins are commonly used and are thrown six times, whilst concentrating on the wisdom required. Psychic reading is taken from the fall of the coins and the six lines of the hexagram. There are 64 hexagram patterns, each with a specific meaning that will be interpreted by the reader.

Psychic Reading ~ Palmistry

Jane Shaw Cunningham, Psychic Predictions

The hand has been a source of fascination since time began. Archaeologists have found hands painted in prehistoric caves and hands carved by ancient civilisations. The practise of hand reading has been discovered in scripts and early Semitic writings. Aristotle (384-322 BC) discovered a treatise on palmistry on an altar to the god Hermes. The lines of the hands are unique to the individual and are a map of our past, present and future. The experienced palmist can reveal a person's character, potential and the opportunities available to them within their life path.